React.js Development Services

Are you looking for a React.js development company? We would be happy to share all our experience and knowledge about the React stack, which can be a great application for your users.

If you prefer a resource-limited approach and want your development project to be accessible and deploy quickly — both now and in the future - React JS has a lot to offer. It is well supported, updated regularly, and easily adaptable. Whether you're building an entire web app, a new mobile component, or even a standalone SPA, React JS development has a lot to offer you.
React.js component logic is written in JavaScript, which allows you to pass extended data across your web application. This function overrides the requirement for a document object model.

Our React.js services


At Code&Care, we offer a wide range of ReactJS development services for the web and mobile. Our expert React.js development services include:

  • custom React.js development;
  • plug-ins development;
  • web application development;
  • template development;
  • mobile app development;
  • maintenance & support.

Why choose React.js for your project?

At its core, React was built for web pages and apps. Even now, its benefits are hard to ignore. From front-end development and SEO visibility to improving performance across devices, discover how React JS benefits web pages.



React.js ensures stable app performance and code sustainability.

Lightweight apps


React.js is considered to be more lightweight than alternative front-end frameworks.



UIs built with React.js render fast and reduce load times for web UIs.

Reusable components


React.js allows immediately install base code using existing components to quickly build the essentials.

Future proof


React.js is well supported and growing. In short, it hasn't gone anywhere and you won't be left without support.



React.js instantly adjusts the performance of the application according to the current traffic of the web page.

React.js solutions we develop

Our React.js developers have extensive experience in developing solutions for different industries.



Insurance software, personal loan apps, trading platforms, billing, and payment solutions



Telemedicine solutions, mHealth, EHR/EMR systems, patient portals, mental health apps



Blockchain wallets, crypto dashboards, smart contracts, decentralized applications



Appointment scheduling software, mobile booking solutions, hotel management system



VoIP-based solutions, calling systems, call center aggregators, IVR solutions



Custom CRM development, data migration, CRM customization, CRM mobile apps

How We Work

The project development process with React.js is divided into 5 stages:

Project Start

After the discussion of the terms, it's time to sign the Agreement and the NDA. Our team takes care of your intellectual property.

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Discovery Phase

The project plan, workflow, and wireframes, combined with a detailed assessment, will make the development process clear.

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Build Phase

As soon as a solution has been found, we work on the creation and implementation of the latest technologies to solve the problem.

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Report Phase

Throughout the entire process, you will communicate directly with your account manager and receive weekly updates.

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Intellectual Property Delivery

As soon as all the conditions are met, the obligations are confirmed and both parties are satisfied with the result, all intellectual property goes to you.

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The Code&Care team
can develop your React.js project
with lightning speed.

Hire React.js development company

Code&Care provides a professional team that will fully integrate into the project, taking into account all the business requirements of your company and not being distracted by other tasks. A typical team includes marketing managers, software engineers, quality assurance engineers, and possibly other members who are able to deliver end-to-end technology solutions and securities quickly and efficiently.

  • we provide excellent customer support;
  • we offer a competitive price;
  • you have several options for communication;
  • your project is confidentially supported by nondisclosure agreements.

Models of cooperation

We provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the most suitable payment model. We adhere to a policy of the most transparent pricing. And we guarantee that you will not face any hidden fees in the contract.

  • No hidden fees
  • We sign NDA
  • High-level Security
  • Quality Management System

Outsourced product development

starting from $34.50 hourly

The hourly rate is paid based on the amount of time the developer has worked under your project.

  • Flexible interaction models
  • Suitable for short term tasks
  • Reliable developers

Extended team & Staff augmentation

fixed cost $4800 monthly

Payment is made in accordance with the fixed cost of each month (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).

  • Scalable team
  • Reduction of recruiting costs and training
  • Handpicked tech specialists

Get the best out of React.js with
Code&Care's development team!

Why choose Code&Care?


Dedicated resources

We provide specialized resources at cost-effective prices.


Dedicated project manager

Our project manager keeps you updated on every process.


We never miss a deadline

The deadline is all that we remember and we do it successfully.


Serving customers around the world

We serve customers around the world with all our dedicated resources


100% satisfaction

We strive to ensure that customers are satisfied.


Transparency with signed NDA

Confidentiality is what we are trusted for, for which we sign the NDA.

Technologies we also use

We use advanced, powerful technology for the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may still have

React.js is a library, not a framework. It focuses on the view layer of the MVC framework (model-view-controller), so it is part of building the framework.

React.js is useful for building user interfaces with reusable components. It handles the presentation layer for web development and mobile development. This is especially useful for single-page apps, but can also be used for mobile, web, and progressive web apps.

React.js is developed using one of the most popular languages in the world (JavaScript), it is easy to use, easy to maintain, and useful for quickly creating the necessary user interface elements.

One of the benefits of using React.js is maintainability and scalability. This makes it a good option for both small projects and applications around the world. The leading companies using React.js in their projects include Netflix, WhatsApp, Dropbox, Udemy, etc.

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