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The mobile app gives you the opportunity to stay in trend, grow, and increase brand awareness. It expands the target audience, setting up effective communication with customers, and convenient presentation of products. It provides a high level of competitiveness and growth prospects for the company. Advertising costs decrease, customer loyalty increases, therefore, financial performance improves.

Code&Care specializes in the building of hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications. Our team of highly qualified specialists offers the best solutions in application development using advanced technologies and tools. We create beautiful and user-friendly apps that help your business grow.

The Mobile App Development
Process in Code&Care

The creation of a mobile app implies a complex scope of tasks, from analytics to launching and maintaining an application, developing updates, and add-ons. All development features must be considered. Therefore, a team of experts is an excellent choice for a quick and efficient launch.

Working with Code&Care you always get a reliable business partner. The development of mobile applications in our company is a multi-level process, and at each level, the project is led by a specialized tech expert. So, the main stages of the development are:


Mobile app specification

It will give developers an accurate understanding of what result is expected by the customer.


Mobile app architecture

A list of use cases, the optimal conversion path, and screen schemes are generated based on the specification.


Writing code by programmers

The development process is carried out using the Agile methodology, which provides transparency and control of the process.


Mobile app security

Before releasing a mobile app, you need to be sure of the safety of your customers. The application must have several protection systems to repel possible attacks.



Each sprint ends with automated and manual testing to fix bugs. At the end of the project, large-scale final testing is performed.



The created mobile apps are placed in the main online markets and become available for download.

Mobile App Development Services
We Offer

In the mobile app market, the absolute dominance of iOS and Android operating systems have formed. When creating mobile applications for these and other operating systems, the main focus is on the following issues:

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    Fast time to market delivery
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    Reliability, stability in work
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    Easy maintenance and updates release

Code&Care provides mobile application development services both for iOS and Android, using cross-platform or hybrid technologies. This allows you to reach the maximum audience and significantly reduce development costs. If you are in doubt about the choice of the development services, we will help you make it by assessing the market situation, analyzing the product you offer, and your target audience, etc.

Our Favourite Stacks

We rely on advanced powerful technologies to make efficient results. Having long-term experience in mobile application development, we consult our clients about what technologies can positively influence their business.

We will equip your mobile app with exceptional technologies.
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Industries We Serve

Our mobile apps are designed to optimize the businesses of our customers in various industries and contribute to their more productive work, providing improved scalability and functionality.

Hire Experienced Mobile App
Developers For Your Project

We provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the most suitable payment model. We adhere to a policy of the most transparent pricing. And we guarantee that you will not face any hidden fees in the contract.

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    No hidden fees
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    We sign NDA
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    High-level Security
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    Quality Management System

Outsourced product development

starting from $34.50 hourly

The hourly rate is paid based on the amount of time the developer has worked under your project.

  • Flexible interaction models
  • Suitable for short term tasks
  • Reliable developers

Extended team & Staff augmentation

fixed cost $4800 monthly

Payment is made in accordance with the fixed cost of each month (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).

  • Scalable team
  • Reduction of recruiting costs and training
  • Handpicked tech specialists

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Why Choose Code&Care?


We dive into the project completely

We study similar applications and analyze existing solutions in detail. The result is a functional specification of the project.


We determine possible interaction scenarios

Based on our research you will receive wireframes and information about the functionality of each screen.


We provide a stable mobile app performance

We conduct automated and manual testing and bug fixing at all stages of mobile application development.


Cross-platform app development

We develop awesome mobile applications that perform properly for all platforms (Android, iOS, etc).


We test apps on different devices

We work out real scenarios of user behavior and eliminate any issues found in a timely manner.


Outstanding code quality

We adhere to best practices and standards, and regularly conduct code audits throughout the development process.

What Our Clients Say

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Great job, professionally done by an expert and delivered on time. The Code&Care developers are very enterprising, responsive and result-driven. I was very satisfied with our cooperation!

It was an excellent collaboration! I will engage with Code&Care again because it’s been a very valuable experience for our project. I must say their team delivered results faster than expected.

Andrew and all his team actually care about the code quality, which is really hard to find in other outsourcing companies. Also, I have been impressed with their ability to communicate so effectively and manage teamwork. Great team! Thank you for our cooperation.

Very good work! Code&Care team has been able to meet all our needs. Their team does not let things drop. They’re good at taking ownership of the task and making sure it’s performing well. Our cooperation was exceptional!

It is a pleasure to work with this team. Great job. Will be cooperating again.

I enjoyed working with Andrew and his team. Very flexible and highly professional company! They are really responsible for the code quality.

Good job Andrew & the whole Code&Care team! We were very happy with your contributions and will definitely co-operate with you also in the future. Especially appreciated your openness and prompt communication at all times, it was fun to work together on the assignment.

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Brian Smithwick ServiceTrade
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Questions you may still have

Each application is unique, so we cannot call the same development price for all applications. The development cost depends on the complexity of the functionality and the selected technologies, with which the application will be developed.
In order to calculate the cost of the project development, we need to define the main task of the application, think over its logic and functionality. After that, we can prepare a development cost estimate.
To get a free estimation of your project, please, email us:

The development time directly depends on the requirements for the mobile application, the feature list, and the business processes of the customer's company.
The average development time from the start to product release takes from 3 to 6 months.

If you want our specialists to continue the project improvements, to adapt it to new trends and requirements of the mobile applications industry, you can additionally order post-project support.

If you want to reach a large audience and go directly to Google Play and the App Store at the same time, but aren't ready to invest impressive amounts of money to create two separate applications, the cross-platform app development services will be optimal.

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