Building an MVP comes with a fast release schedule, and it takes hardened, experienced developers to do it. Our team has worked on countless projects and has experience with all the required technologies. From the initial workshop to release, we have established ourselves as a very effective MVP development company. We offer not only development services but also ongoing support and service.

What is MVP

MVP stands for Minimal Viable Product, a basic version of a new product that only has basic features that are enough to showcase an idea, get early feedback, and increase the chances of a successful implementation. Simply put, developing an MVP for startups gives companies a real sense of the viability of an idea. Deploying a minimum product early allows for more accurate market forecasting and ensures that a future full product version is tailored based on early user feedback.

The success of your idea starts with the great MVP!

Our Custom MVP
Development Services

If you're looking for a solid development team that can provide you with more than just an MVP development service, but can help you transform your project from an idea into a complete product, you've come to the right place. At Code&Care, we rely on certain principles to ensure our clients are in safe hands.

Our Services

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Market Research & Risk Assessment

We have the necessary knowledge and skills to assess the business potential of your idea and create a Proof of Concept. `

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Technical Analysis

Our experts study and predict price movements in financial markets using historical price charts and market statistics to make your product successful.

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MVP Website Development

During our MVP web development process, we'll minimize effort and cost by creating a presentable showcase website that gets the job done.

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MVP Application Development

We develop MVP apps for enterprises and startups to add value to their business, build their online image and reach customers.

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MVP Consulting

We offer technical advice and guidance to startups and businesses to save them money, time, and opportunity and educate them about the pros and cons of each technology.

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MVP Support and Maintenance

Our MVP development company helps entrepreneurs analyze post-MVP customer feedback and chart the right course for further product improvement.

Turn your business idea into reality!

Benefits оf MVP Development Services for Startups

MVP is a highly advantageous method of developing and delivering a project.
Here is a list of MVP benefits you get when building a new product, or your business.


Faster development

MVP development is optimized, flexible, and as fast as possible. Fewer features mean less time to market.


Test viability

With an MVP, you're in the perfect position to scale. Listen to what people want and then bring it to life. MVP is the perfect starting point.


Fast scaling

Fast scaling allows you to add extra features and optimize the MVP in the quickest and most convenient way.



MVP is the fastest development option to get a ready-to-release product. Less cost means the ROI is easier.


Confirm the idea and potential

Do you want to test your idea in the market? With MVP, you can quickly implement your main idea and see the results.


Expansion base

Our MVP development services are built with expansion in mind. We will ensure rapid progress towards initial successes.

Key Business Verticals of Our Expertise as an MVP Development Agency

The Code&Care team has wide experience in developing solutions for different industries

Our MVP Development Process

The MVP implementation process consists of 5 steps:

1. Scoping & Research

Our dedicated market research team initiates the market validation process with thorough research before getting started to ensure the success of the project.


2. Technical Analysis

We monitor research with penetration testing and regression testing to ensure that your MVP meets industry standard specifications.


4. Develop an initial MVP product

Code reviews and algorithms are the critical parts of our MVP development process, consisting of code reviews and step-by-step instructions on algorithms.


3. Building a prototype

We create a simple prototype to visualize the user path and a list of core functions. It helps us test market expectations and improves the user experience before full development begins.


5. Testing And Deployment

During alpha testing, we launch the first version for a narrow group of consumers. If there are no shortcomings, we proceed to beta testing and offer the product to real consumers.


Why choose us

We have been in the technology business for over five years, and our knowledge and experience allow us to offer the best MVP development services for your startup.

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    Fast development

    If necessary, we can develop a fully working MVP with lightning speed. This, in turn, allows for a faster time to market.

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    Production server test

    To ensure that your MVP runs smoothly in real life and under real conditions, we suggest testing it on our production server.

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    Continuous support

    As you work on your MVP, Code&Care provides ongoing support before, during, and after launching your application.

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    Innovative approach

    When it comes to product development, we not only use the most appropriate and latest technology but also get creative with your project.

Our Tech stack

We thoroughly know the intricacies of MVP development and therefore try to use only those tools that meet our requirements and the needs of our clients. Our chosen technology stack provides speed, flexibility, scalability, and security for all of our software products.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may still have questions

A minimum viable product (MVP) is a version of a product with enough features to be used by early clients, who can provide feedback for the future.

At best, it should provide such value that potential customers would be willing to buy it.

A business fails if it doesn't meet the needs of its customers. The technologies of the future may find a way to find out exactly what customers want without interacting with them. For now, however, the only way to know what your customers want is to let them use what you create.

MVP is equally important for startups and enterprises alike, as 20% of startups fail due to a lack of money. Research has also shown that startups with the best scalability can grow their businesses 20x faster than those that don't scale their businesses properly.

Get the best out of MVP with Code&Care`s development team