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Code&Care offers DevOps services to automate the development workflow to improve the quality of digital products. Achieve development productivity with DevOps with a top-notch Code&Care team.

DevOps as a service company

DevOps is aptly and practically described as a methodology or practice of development engineers participating together throughout the life cycle of a service. This way of thinking about collaboration should be developed from day one to future support. Code&Care, as an experienced DevOps solutions company, helps the clients achieve greater business agility. Release software with precise changes instantly reduces deployment risks.

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End-to-end DevOps services

DevOps as a service brings traditional collaboration between development and operations teams to the cloud, where many processes can be automated with scalable virtual development tools.

The Code&Care DevOps engineers bring DevOps processes to your organization and use modern tools to complement our frameworks. We automate your cloud infrastructure and processes, providing continuous delivery and continuous integration to get your product to market quickly.

Our industry-leading DevOps services and market-proven DevOps best practices enable you to bring a rich product to market faster and at a lower cost.


Our services

Whether you want to use DevOps for web development, be it a standalone application or full-scale development, we provide exceptional services across multiple verticals.

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Strategy & assessment

We assess your current maturity and develop the scope, architecture, and roadmap required to ensure continuous delivery and empower DevOps across the company.

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Consulting Services

Take advantage of our DevOps consulting services to accelerate the time to market for your software. We provide full DevOps assessment, DevOps automation, and DevOps management.

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Configuration Management

Benefit from a comprehensive set of tools to quickly identify problems and increase the flexibility to enjoy the highest quality of service. We have experience in managing your lean operations.

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Integration & Deployment

Our team provides effective solutions for DevOps development with continuous integration. We ensure that every software change is automatically deployed to production.

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Cloud Migration

We’ll help you move your complex business infrastructure to the cloud. With Azure, AWS, or Google Cloud, the team scales your existing system to make it cloud compatible.

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Infrastructure Automation

We help you speed up your software with a scripting environment by linking many nodes together.

Key benefits of DevOps Services


Accelerated development processes

Cut deployment time in half and implement new improvements faster, allowing the DevOps engineer to organize and automate the deployment process.


Increased release reliability

DevOps engineers can help you build an effective delivery lifecycle through effective planning, build, test, and deployment processes. Engage DevOps engineers to accelerate release management through transparent communication and faster feedback loops.


Faster testing processes

Save time and money on troubleshooting by implementing best practices and DevOps tools. This way, you can identify and fix defects before they go into production.


Continuous application monitoring

Use DevOps services to respond faster to customer needs. Take advantage of advanced application and infrastructure monitoring systems and faster release rates.


Stable, scalable, and secure infrastructure

By properly organizing all processes, operations, and infrastructure, you can easily scale your product and enjoy its stable performance.

Deliver Faster Software with DevOps!

Our DevOps Implementation Process

The DevOps implementation process consists of 5 steps:

Discovery Phase

The work begins with a discussion, during which the client shares his problems, shows bottlenecks, and identifies product pain points that need to be addressed.

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Choose a Solution

We present possible DevOps solutions for your tasks, giving you an idea of the team size, budget, and timeline to implement the solution.

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The engineers can solve any problem with your software infrastructure, customize continuous delivery according to your business goals, organize a clear release management process, etc.

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Throughout the process, you will communicate directly with your account manager and receive weekly updates.

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A DevOps engineer can continue to support the product, scale it, and maintain excellent performance if you need it.

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Hire DevOps services company for Your Project

Code&Care offers DevOps as a service, enabling fast application connectivity, delivery pipeline automation, continuous integration, and application development on leading cloud platforms. Besides, we provide:

    A set of suitable DevOps implementation models
    Estimation costs for the discussed DevOps
    implementation model
    Recommendation the right set of DevOps tools
    A comprehensive DevOps maturity assessment

Models of cooperation

We provide our clients with the opportunity to choose the most suitable payment model. We adhere to a policy of the most transparent pricing. And we guarantee that you will not face any hidden fees in the contract.

  • approved
    No hidden fees
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    We sign NDA
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    High-level Security
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    Quality Management System

Outsourced product development

starting from $34.50 hourly

The hourly rate is paid based on the amount of time the developer has worked under your project.

  • Flexible interaction models
  • Suitable for short term tasks
  • Reliable developers

Extended team & Staff augmentation

fixed cost $4800 monthly

Payment is made in accordance with the fixed cost of each month (8 hours/day, 160 hours/month).

  • Scalable team
  • Reduction of recruiting costs and training
  • Handpicked tech specialists


Questions you may still have

We provide our clients with teams of different sizes as we strive to be flexible and adapt to their needs as much as possible. At the same time, we can expand your team with one developer, as well as create a special team of six developers for your company with the possibility of scaling later.

DevOps teams use tools for infrastructure automation, deployment automation, performance management, configuration management, log management, and monitoring.

When implementing DevOps, companies face challenges such as moving from legacy infrastructures to systems based on microservices, struggling with the Dev and Ops mentality in the company, over-focusing on tools, resistance to change among employees, conflicts between Dev and Ops tools.

Companies using DevOps methods create products faster. By working as a team of cross-functional members working together, DevOps organizations can operate at maximum speed and innovation. DevOps provides companies with three types of benefits — technical, cultural, and business.

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